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Made  to order  Jewelry box 

Our condition :

-   Minimum  quantity   500 pcs. / model   for   our  model  or 

-   Minimum  quantliy    1000  pcs. / model  for  new  model 

-   Deposit   40%  of  total  amount

-   Deliver time 90-120 days.

-   Price   ex-work  Bangkok , Thailand


  • Wooden  box for 1 ring
    Wooden box for jewelry set- Minimum quantity 500 pcs. /model- Delivery time 90-120 days.- Made from solid wood and interior with velvet or suede for jewelry- Made in Thailand

  • Covered box with suede  for  rings
    Cover box with suede or velvet for Jewelry Minimum quantity 500 pcs/model Cover box with velvet, suede, leather , or paper Printing your brand Accpect your design

  • paper box for gift  items
    Article contents or product description and details.Please enter some text …

  • jewelry box for jewelry set
    Leather box for jewelry collect Minimum quantity 500 pcs. / model Accept your design box for qty. 1000 pcs.

  • Copy of sd8140.jpg
    Velvet Pouch for rings or other- Minimum order 500 pcs / model
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